Thursday, April 10, 2008

Greetings fom Estonia

We have set up this blog to communicate with you (both ways) and we hope you will catch up with us often. Our plan is to post occasional post cards/letters and pictures of our time here, with glimpses of the country and the people, and sometimes of ourselves as we negotiate setting up housekeeping in the Vesilind family house.

Perhaps some background for some of you who might not be familiar with the situation might be in order. After regaining independence in 1991, the goverment of Estonia decided to give back land that had been exproriated by the Soviet state, and my brother and I got back some land that used to belong to our grandfather. We decided to sell some of the land and with this money re-build the family house where both of us had lived when we were toddlers. The building of the house could not have occurred without the presence of Bill Vesilind, Priit's son, who decided to set up residence in Estonia and to oversee the construction. Bill is now married to an Estonian woman, Anni, and they have a lovely daughter, Amelia. The house that Bill built is the house where Libby and I are now living. It belongs to the extended Vesilind family and we hope that it will be used frequently by everyone.



Rolling_Estonian said...

Cool blog! It seems there will be lots of visitors this year to Estonia, and we're really looking forward to it! Let me know if anyone needs help with travel plans and/or background info.

Terviseks kõigile! William and co.

Rolling_Estonian said...

Hey all,

Unk and Libby have already had quite a wild week: security guards, dead bodies, sticker shock, broken toes, and this is only the beginning... It should be quite an adventure!


CeilingGazer said...

Love the blog idea!!!

CeilingGazer said...

Sorry, ceilinggazer is my blogger name. It's me, Emili v.

Chris said...

Security guards, corpses, and broken bones? It sounds like Mom and Aarne have some explaining to do. Should we wire bail money?

Vermont said...

Hi Aarne and Libby,

It is great to hear from you and to read your stories! Enjoy your time in Estonia and we look forward to seeing you at camp in the summer for a story or two over a glass of wine or two!

Shirley and George

Karen said...

Hi Aarne and Libby -- How far away you are from New Hampshire -- we miss you. We love the blog! Thanks for sharing with us.

Karen and Tom

bathmate said...

I love it !

I like it !